Electric Picnic performance confirmed Posted on 23-08-2016
After a really enjoyable tour of the US, Keith is back in Dublin and looking forward to the gigs this Autumn which include the now confirmed Electric Picnic slots. See the gigs seciton.
New live gigs announced Posted on 31-07-2016
New Irish live performances this Autumn include an appearance at the Bray Arts Festival, an Electric Picnic Slot and a showcase Dublin appearance to be announced. That will all happen after reaturning from the US.
Keith willing to play EP? Posted on 10-07-2016
Rumours are circulating about Keith Burke playing a set at Electric picnic this year in the Food Theatre tent. Reports are that several people are aiding negotiations and announcments are said to be due later this week.
Keith is interviewed on TogetherFM Bally Fermot. Posted on 01-07-2016
Go to The Little Black Book facebook page and follow the link to hear the interview.
Keith is Peter Grogans guest on "It's all in the song" on Dublin City FM this Saturday 7th May. Posted on 03-05-2016
The new album has been released since my last appearance on Peter Grogans show. Tune in this Saturday on Dublin City FM at noon GMT to listen.

Peter has been one of the most supportive presenters recently.
The physical copies of "These Boys" are now ready Posted on 22-03-2016
Many have supported this project from the word go. The good news is that the physical copies of "These Boys" are now ready.

I'll be organising a few drinks in a civilised Dublin venue next week, where signed copies can be collected, we can listen to a few tracks, chat and also where people who haven't already done so can buy a copy. Everyone involved will be contacted.

Please get in touch if you'd like to buy a copy and have it sent by mail etc... all is possible.
"These Boys" review on Remy's Music and Film Blog. Posted on 20-03-2016
Many thanks to Remy's Music and Film Blog for the latest review of "These Boys".
"These Boys" review on Fatea music magazine by David Dee Moore. Posted on 08-03-2016
Thanks to David Dee Moore from Blues and Roots Radio whose review of "These Boys" was published on Fatea music magazine.

It was also picked up by US-Irish site Dave's Acoustic Yard songwriter festival is on in Westport this summer.
"These Boys" digital release goes ahead without any delays. Posted on 03-03-2016
For those who pre-ordered "These Boys" over the last few weeks, this morning will have been something of a mini-Christmas. Itunes has dropped the whole album into your listening device and you're now free to listen and enjoy all nine tracks.

The physical CDs are being pressed as we speak and it will give me great pleasure to get them to those who've already bought one over the next few weeks. Many thanks. Enjoy it... it's my baby.
New Soundcloud account dedicated to Live recordings Posted on 19-01-2016
Search for “Keith Burke Live” on Soundcloud. Recordings from the recent full-band concert in the Grand Social now available.

The previously established “Keith Burke” account is now dedicated to studio recordings.
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