Tickets are on sale for Grand Social Concert Posted on 23-11-2015
Anja, Dave Mooney and Keith have been rehearsing over the past few weeks and on 5th December will take to the stage with other musicians from the new album. Tickets available at

See the gigs section for more details and the photo section for the new poster!
Support slot announced for Mr Tokyo Rosenthal Posted on 09-10-2015
Keith will play a support slot for Mr Tokyo Rosenthal in DC Music Club on Fri 9th Oct 2015. See the gigs page for details.
Keith is Peter Grogans guest on his radio program "It's all in the song" on Dublin City FM. Posted on 19-09-2015
It was a great honour to be Peter's guest on his show. Peter played some tracks from the last few years and an un mixed version of a new song from the upcoming album. There are some photos from Keith's appearance on Dublin City FM in the photos section.
Two acoustic afternoon gigs announced in Skerries Mills on 4th Oct and 8th Nov Posted on 15-09-2015
Looking forward to back home to play some new and old songs.
Kollar Club Concert a great success Posted on 20-08-2015
The Kollar Club is an old steel mill workers club in Pittsburgh. It's a social club nowadays and very well suited to several music gigs each month.

See the photo section on FB or here on this site for shots from the concert on 8th August 2015. Special thanks to Mike Martini and Laura Palilla.
Concert announced in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on 8th August 2015 Posted on 04-07-2015
I'll be bringing the music to the good folk of Pittsburgh this August. On my first ever trip to the USA I'll make an appearance at the Kollar Club.\.

We can now say that it's going to happen and it's going to be a good one! Venue booked, plane tickets bought... and the "good" microphone is in the suitase.

The Kollar Club is on 3226 Jane St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203. 7pm, Adm $10. Please get in touch for information on Student/ OAP concessions.
Recording underway at Orphan Studios June 2015 Posted on 22-06-2015
The last few weeks have been amazing. Over three days we worked on nine songs. It was so good to see Anja smile and laugh and do what she does best, especially when playing the hammond organ with its valve lesley speaker. Dave Mooney was awesome on both bass and double bass and Sinead Madden was magical on violin, as was Oliver who came and put sax on two songs. We had three different drummers over the three days.

The aim was to have as many musicians recording at the same time as we could. I really wanted Gavin Glass to produce this record... for that reason. We tried to use the click track as little as possible and let the songs move in a human way. We managed to get almost all of the Piano, drums, basses, violin and some guitars like that. Most of what you'll hear on the album will have been recorded that way.

I've still to go and get some good vocal takes on some tracks. We've still to add cello and some backing vocals.

The fundit campaign was a huge success and people have been so generous. I really did get some heartfelt letters of encouragement. This might just be the best yet. We look forward to a launch gig hopefully in November.
New recording project planned for June 2015 Posted on 12-05-2015
We're counting the weeks to the first recording sessions of the new music project. Anja and I have been rehearsing with the very talented bassist Dave Mooney.We've booked the studio and the producer we want. Sinead Madden is also on board. Anja is currently charting the songs. Now we have to try to raise the money for the project... which isn't going to be easy.

Here's the link to the fundit campaign. If you'd like to help... it's a bit like pre-buying a CD early so the project happen.\.

Thanks for the support coming in so far. It's really touching.
Fundraising table quiz. Posted on 26-03-2015
To be anounced for 23rd of April upstairs in The Lord Edward. All proceeds go to the new album recording expenses.
Back to the Studio! Posted on 10-03-2015
Currently making arrangements to return to the studio June 2015.
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